Complete FilipinoCupid Dating Site Review

A wonderful place to meet marvelous people from a distant country. It is a common description of various FilipinoCupid dating site reviews. If you have used any of the other Cupid Media dating websites, then you will not have difficulties using this one. In case you are a newcomer, you also can be sure of not having problems.
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The dating website design is very simple, which makes it very easy to learn how to use it. If you prefer a mobile application, FilipinoCupid has such an app. By using it, you receive all the same features, without losing quality. Instead, you receive a more convenient way of dating online.

Pros & Cons


  • Multiple users not only from the Philippines but also from other countries around the world;
  • You have the possibility to check the number of online members;
  • The customer support department has several phone number depending on the region;
  • Most of the registered members have wonderful profiles with real photos;
  • You may use accounts from other Cupid Media dating websites and skip the registration step.


  • The customer support department does not have a live chat;
  • In small cities, you have fewer chances to meet someone due to fewer registered members there;
  • To send messages, it is obligatory to buy a subscription plan;
  • From time to time, you can encounter profiles without descriptions and photos;
  • It does not have obligatory account verification.

FilipinoCupid main page


It is common knowledge that most dating websites are not completely free. The same goes for Filipino cupid. It offers plenty of features without spending a coin, but the most important require subscription plans. In various FilipinoCupid dating reviews, subscription plans are not always properly reviewed. By having all the information, you will be able to answer the question, is FilipinoCupid worth paying for or not?

Among subscription plans, there are two main types: Platinum and Gold. By getting any of them, you receive the possibility to communicate with other members. However, Platinum has more advanced features like:

  • Translation of text messages;
  • Better service matching algorithm;
  • VIP status on the dating website;
  • More space to upload photos and videos to profile;
  • Appear higher in searchers of other members.

All of them greatly improve the chances of meeting a person according to your personal tastes. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, you may simply get a Gold option. It just provides you with:

  • Possibility to hide profile and use the dating website anonymously;
  • It removes all unwanted and annoying advertisements;
  • Communication with all website members;
  • Messenger for instant chatting.

Platinum plans have all the above-mentioned features. Speaking the truth about FilipinoCupid, Gold options are optimal to use this dating website in an ordinary way. Moreover, the longer the plan, you select the better price per month you receive.

What Is

On the internet, you can find plenty of dating services that help to find love online. By making a personal review on the FilipinoCupid dating site, you will learn that it is very the same. It is created by Cupid Media Company, which has a great variety of other platforms devoted to a specific country.

It aims to connect people all over the world with Filipino singles. Every internet user is free to join, which makes it possible to find love from other places. Is FilipinoCupid a good dating site? That depends on your personal evaluation of features. In case you just need a place to meet beauties from this wonderful country, then the FilipinoCupid dating website is able to help you.

How Does FilipinoCupid Work?

In any review, you are able to learn about the way it works. All begins with the registration. After becoming a member of the dating service, you receive pop-ups about improving the personal page. Quality of profile greatly influences the chances to be spotted by someone.

Alternatively, you may try to find Filipino beauties by yourself. Simple browsing is an option to review the active members on the dating website and check their profiles. With FilipinoCupid free search, you receive the possibility to find a person who matches personal tastes. Advanced parameters allow adjusting not only age and location but also the character and physical appearance traits.

After finding the right person, you get a subscription plan if you want to send messages. In conversation, it is highly recommended to build up an emotional connection to develop feelings. In case you do not have a common language to understand each other, a translation tool is a solution.

If both of you are lucky enough to fall in love, then the main goal of FilipinoCupid is achieved. The next step is offline dating. You continue to develop relationships as a couple in real life.


The registration process is one of the easiest steps to using an online dating website. In every FilipinoCupid review, you will find out that all you need is to provide age, sex, name, email, and password. In most cases, it takes only several seconds to fill these fields.

However, there are even faster options. One of them is to use your account from Facebook. Only general data, like photos and names, will be transferred. An alternative way is to use email and password from other Cupid Media dating websites. All of them share the same account of what is very convenient.

FilipinoCupid create account

Profile Quality

The in-depth review of profiles is always important, as you need to know what to expect from the dating website. FilipinoCupid actually cares about maintaining the proper profiles of its members. If you do not have photos or descriptions, you receive pop-ups that appear from time to time.

The profile of a member is what everyone will be reviewing in the first place before sending a message. Therefore, if you want to have more chances to be liked by others, you need to improve your profile. Of the methods is to get a Platinum subscription plan. It provides you with VIP status and places your profile higher in searches of other members.

Safety & Security

When you check the FilipinoCupid review of the website, it is important to find all the necessary information about safety. The Internet is a dangerous place, and it is very easy to encounter scammers. Dating websites have to implement security measures to guarantee the safety of members. However, it is just impossible to make it complete, as bad users always find ways to get to ordinary people.

Is FilipinoCupid any good at safety measures? The answer is yes due to several reasons. In the beginning, members without subscription plans cannot send messages. Most scammers do not like to spend money on them. Moreover, while entering the credentials of a credit card, they expose their identities, which makes it easier to find them.

Speaking about data protection, encourages members not to provide personal information. Telling about soon trips and home addresses is very dangerous. If you want to share some information with nice information, it is better to omit all the vulnerable details. When you upload photos and fill a description in your profile, you can be sure of its safety. The SSL encryption protocol is strong protection of personal data from third parties.

Help & Support

Online dating always has risks. If something has already happened, you need to have the possibilities to receive help. At FilipinoCupid, there are different options for what you can do. In the beginning, the FAQ section contains a lot of valuable information. At first glance, it is very general and common, but when you need instructions and guides, you definitely would like to check it.

In case you need additional assistance, there is a request form. Simply filling it with all the details helps to solve the issue faster. The customer support department at FilipinoCupid reviews tickets and provide a solution fast enough.

If you have an urgent case, then calling FilipinoCupid dating service support is needed. On the FilipinoCupid Contact Us page, you will find several phone numbers. The dating service representatives are friendly and always ready to help.

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Q&A Section

Is FilipinoCupid Safe? cares about providing various safety measures. They help to keep scammers away and keep personal information properly protected.

Is A Real Dating Site?

Cupid Media exists for a very long time in the industry. FilipinoCupid as other Cupid dating sites are real and provide various services.

How Many Members Does Have?

The quantity of registered members is always different due to several reasons. At first, every day, some new internet users may join it. Second, certain members who have already found love or just get tired of it may quit the FilipinoCupid dating website.

Is FilipinoCupid Worth It?

That is a very personal question. If you like Filipino beauties and would like to get one of them, FilipinoCupid is ready to help. It provides various tools to find them and communicate without difficulties. If you prefer other countries, then it is wise to consider other options.

How To Use

To use FilipinoCupid, you need to join it. After completing the registration procedure, you try to find someone to fall in love with. After meeting such a person, you communicate and develop relationships.

Is Free?

At FilipinoCupid dating website, you will find both paid and free features. Simple browsing and search tool is available to everyone. While messenger only after buying a subscription plan.

Can I Use Anonymously?

Yes, you can. After buying a platinum membership, you receive an option in your profile to hide it. Thus, other members will not receive notification that you have visited their pages.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

To delete your profile at FilipinoCupid, you need to go to the account settings. At the bottom of that page, you will be able to remove it completely. Alternatively, you may contact the customer support department to delete it.