Complete KoreanCupid Dating Site Review

If you are interested in Korean and Asian singles, is what you should consider. It has plenty of members who are eager to date someone online. With fast registration and convenient website design, you will not have difficulties in enjoying a wonderful time. In this KoreanCupid review, you will learn about the important points of the website, which help to decide whether to use it or not.

Pros & Cons


  • The search tool allows you to meet singles from other countries;
  • A large number of active members on the website;
  • Simple and fast registration procedure;


  • There is no live support chat;
  • To send messages, you need to buy a subscription plan
  • You may meet some empty and fake profiles.

KoreanCupid main page


Every dating website has a different attitude toward prices. is not a completely paid dating service. You can enjoy various features without spending money. Otherwise, to have access to messenger to start conversations with single Koreans, better membership is required.

To obtain it, you have several subscription plans. Each of them provides the same access to features. Speaking about prices, the longer plan to choose, the cheaper you need to pay in total. Is KoreanCupid worth paying for, you need to determine that in a personal way? In case it satisfies your needs in meeting Korean singles, then you should consider trying it.

What Is

A wonderful place to find singles from Korea and other countries. That is a general description of the KoreanCupid wonderful dating platform. It has a long history in the industry. KoreanCupid is simple to use. Even if you a newcomer in building up relationships online, there no difficulties in using such dating services. If you prefer to use a smartphone, there is a mobile dating application of KoreanCupid. You receive access to all the same features, but with greater convenience.

How Does KoreanCupid Work?

In this review, you will find out that this is a very common dating website, which offers singles from Korea. To start using it, you accomplish a simple registration procedure. Then you become a newcomer with several options of what to do. Fill in a personal page with photos and interesting information. Search for a Korean beauty according to personal tastes. Browse the online members. Use Matches feature to like or not the offered by the system users.

If you are lucky to find a person whom you like, or you have received messages from nice candidates, you upgrade your membership. To communicate with others, you have to buy a subscription plan. It provides you with more website features, including chatting, photo sharing, and making video calls. In case you have built up strong relationships on distance, you may try to convert them into offline mode. That is how works and aims to achieve.


Online dating begins when you accomplish all the steps in the sign-up process. With free registration, you can make a KoreanCupid review of the website personally. This process takes only several minutes. You need to indicate:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex preference
  • Email
  • Password

By pressing to join, you become a website member. There is no obligatory email verification. Alternatively, you are able to sign up with a Facebook profile. It will create a profile with your photos on KoreanCupid. Such personal pages receive more trust from other members. It is necessary to mention that you will not receive messages, notifications, or posts on your page in this social network.

After registration, it is highly recommended to improve the profile. Depending on its quality, you have more or fewer chances to be spotted by others. Moreover, after contacting users, they will have more desire to send you messages.

KoreanCupid create account

Profile Quality

Every place to find a wonderful person consists of several important factors. All of them help to make an overall quality, where profile quality is a major one. Is KoreanCupid a good dating site? You may understand by reviewing how good profiles are.

After registration, every person on a KoreanCupid dating application hopes to meet a wonderful person. They care about being charming and attractive. Therefore, it is easy to find multiple pages with wonderful pictures. Another part is the descriptions. To have strong relationships with the distance, you need to know the person. By providing various data like hobbies, occupation, education, language skills, etc. you have more chances to be spotted by others.

With a free search tool, you can easily review members of the KoreanCupid without spending money. After finding a person, you are actually interested in; you will have a reason to spend money. The search engine has many various filters to assist in finding the most suitable candidate.

Safety & Security

To enjoy the meeting of amazing people online, websites have to be safe. Is KoreanCupid any good in safety measures? You may meet that common question in multiple reviews. In the beginning, during the registration process, newcomers provide personal data. Its protection is an important part of the member’s privacy. The SSL encryption protocol encrypts all vulnerable information to protect it from third parties.

Another safety measure is identity verification. All KoreanCupid members may submit some ID documents to prove their identity. Such a procedure increases safety dramatically.

Safety on the dating website also depends on the management team. Among KoreanCupid’s rules, you need to behave properly. Discrimination, violent speech, and rude words are not acceptable. You can receive warnings or even ban on KoreanCupid. If you have noticed inappropriate behavior or suspicious activity from other members, you should report to the customer support department.

Help & Support

When you try to build up relationships online, different issues may occur. To cope with them, there should always be various possibilities. Help Center with valuable information is very useful when you have some questions. If they are on the general matter, it is easy to find solutions, instructions, and guides.

Another necessary feature of any dating website is the possibility to receive assistance from the support team. Korean Cupid has a friendly team, which is always ready to provide assistance. You may get in touch with dating service agents by filing a request form. Alternatively, you may write directly by email.

KoreanCupid app

Q&A Section

Is KoreanCupid Safe?

Safety is definitely important when you try to find love online. understands that and provides different measures. One of them is the availability of communication features. To send messages to other members, you need to buy a subscription plan. While making such a purpose, people confirm their identity. Moreover, you do not receive spam messages from people who just joined the KoreanCupid dating website.

Is A Real Dating Site?

Cupid Media exists for a very long time in the online dating industry. It has created multiple dating websites focused on specific interests and auditory. KoreanCupid is a high-quality dating site. Its main task is to show the beauty of the wonderful people of this country. Another part is communication. With various possibilities, you can chat to build up relationships online. That is what actually makes it a wonderful matching place.

How Many Members Does Have?

KoreanCupid is a popular place with members from all over the world. As new users join the dating service every day and some of them leave it, it is difficult to define the exact number of people on the dating service. One of the ways to review and get to know the number of active beauties and members is to use the search tool. With KoreanCupid free search, you do not need to spend your money just to check members.

Is KoreanCupid Worth It?

Plenty of internet users want to get a proper answer to this question in numerous KoreanCupid dating reviews. To figure out whether you have the actual purpose of using such an app, you should know your personal preferences. This dating application is focused on connecting singles from all around the globe to Koreans. If you are curious about wonderful people from this amazing Asian country, then you actually have reason to use it. Otherwise, you may find another dating website.

How To Use

The truth about KoreanCupid is that this dating website is very similar to others. If you have experience with dating platforms from cupid Media, you will not have difficulties to use it. If you are a newbie, then you need to accomplish the registration process at first. After accomplishing the sign-up procedure, an internet user becomes a dating service member free of charge. After finding the person you like from Korea, you begin to communicate to build up relationships online.

Is Free?

By reading various KoreanCupid dating site reviews, you can learn that this is a partially free dating service. To become a newcomer, it is not obligatory to spend money. Browsing and searching are also free of charge. All of that gives you a unique opportunity to perform a review on the KoreanCupid dating site and to check the quality of created profiles. However, if you would like to chat and initiate a conversation with other users, you will need to get one of the offered subscription plans.

Can I Use Anonymously?

During the registration, you just indicate a name, what does not expose your identity. While posting pictures, you may select those without a face. Alternatively, three is a possibility to do KoreanCupid reviews of members anonymously. In the account settings, you may find an option to hide or display your profile. It allows you to not be visible to other members. To use this feature, you need to upgrade your membership by getting a subscription plan.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

In case you would like to stop using Korean Cupid, you need open profile parameters. To get them, you simply press the gear icon close to the account image. There you navigate to account settings. Almost at the bottom of the page, you will find the option to Switch Off your account. In case you receive an error, you should not worry. Just contact the customer support department to review your issue.