Buying a Bride – Features & Important Points

“How much are mail order brides?” and “mail order bride prices” are common requests on the internet from bachelors. A great number of men dream of having wonderful relationships with a woman from a preferred part of the world. Sometimes it can be Asian and Latin brides, while others prefer Slavic or European women.

In fact, there are possibilities to buy mail order brides. However, this process does not involve only a single one payment. It consists of various steps. Moreover, the selected mail order bride can refuse you. Otherwise, it is illegal to just pay and receive a woman against her will.

With this article, you will be able to get the average cost of mail order bride purchase and what important steps you will need to accomplish to get a mail-order wife. Moreover, you will find out how much does a mail order bride cost from some popular countries and destinations.

Mail Order Bride Pricing

On so-called general dating sites, when both sides agree, they actually meet, and in some cases, they develop a romantic relationship and lead to marriage. At that time, the management site is no-touch. However, on the mail-order girls site, when a man likes a woman online, he can “click” on the woman, pay the agency and “buy” her, just like online shopping. (Of course, women may refuse)

Most of the men who have registered as members on the “Mail Order Bride” site are residents of Western countries in developed countries. Moreover, there are many “brides” in the former Soviet Union, South America, and the Philippines.

It is said that about 2,000 to 5,000 mail order marriages (couples who met online) are born every year in the United States. Of course, you will pay the membership registration fee, referral fee, commission, etc., to the mail order bride companies (online matchmaking agency).

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Prices of Mail Order Brides

Many “brides” do not speak the native language of men (usually English), so translation fees, international mail fees, ghostwriting fees, etc., may be incurred. Of course, if you find a “bride” that you like, the “purchase fee” will be added. The total amount is 10,000 to 15,000 dollars. Some men have been paid more than 50,000 dollars to meet women.

Simple Steps on How to Get a Mail Order Bride

  • Register as a member on the custom-made bride site
  • If you find a woman you like, pay a certain amount, and get personal information such as address.
  • Give her a letter or gift directly.

It usually costs $10 to $15 to get a woman’s address. If you request a translation for a love letter, it will cost an additional $10 to $15.

Some users (males) are dissatisfied with “unconvinced amount setting” and some high-billing companies and mediation companies whose contents do not match the amount.

Even if you are charged an unreasonable amount, it may still be good if you can meet the wonderful girl and groom you want and then have a loving marriage.

However, some of them tried their best to pay much money to a matchmaking agency on the Internet, and even if they met a foreigner of the opposite sex far away, they got married without knowing the other person and became unhappy, lost a lot of money. It is also true that there are incidents such as the death of a person.

Mail Order Bride Price From Different Countries

How much are mail order wives? You may often hear that North Korean girls and Vietnamese girls are cheap, so what are the prices in the bride markets of various countries? Which country is the cheapest girl? Here is a small overview of popular destinations with prices.

Cambodian Brides

The imbalance between men and women has resulted in many young men reaching marriageable age and seeking foreign girls. In the past few years, most of these brides have come from Vietnam. With the Vietnamese government’s crackdown on bride trafficking, Cambodia has become another attractive option. Cambodian regulations are laxer, and Cambodian women have no sense of crisis, making it easier for trafficking businesses.

The profit of each girl is about 10,000 to 15,000 US dollars. The more beautiful the bride, the more money the traffickers get. If they meet a young and beautiful fair-skinned woman, they will ask a man for 20,000 US dollars.

Bulgarian Brides

With the rise of feminism in the world, in a modern society where everyone generally advocates the freedom of love and marriage, there are still some countries or regions that retain the tradition of buying and selling brides. For example, in Kaledez, Bulgaria, a bridal fair is held here every year. A girl can sell for 2,200 to 4,300 euros. Of course, the prettier price is higher.

Ukrainian Brides

Ukraine is a country rich in beautiful women. The ratio of men to women in the country is seriously out of balance. The number of women in Ukraine is nearly 10% more than men. Ukraine is not only popular with prostitutes, but also a weird industry where “mail order brides” are popular. “Mail-order brides” refer to women who get married through marriage agencies, in print catalogs, on the Internet, on TV, or other forms of advertising, and selected by men to get married.

Ukraine’s “mail-order bride” industry targets men from the United Kingdom and the United States. The men involved can travel to several beautiful big cities for only 3,000~4,500 US dollars. Best of all, they can meet more beautiful girls on the way.

Vietnamese Brides

Hardworking, gentle, virtuous, and beautiful Vietnamese girls are the hearts of many foreign men. In Vietnam, women’s status is generally low because of the imbalance between men and women. And many Vietnamese women are more willing to come to China to find a Chinese husband. They think that Chinese men are very rich.

North Korean Brides

It is said that North Korean girls are beautiful, hard-working, and filial to the elderly, so they are the best choice for wives. Now it is very difficult to find a North Korean girl, although this mysterious country has aroused people’s infinite curiosity, and even gave many men the idea of marrying a North Korean woman. However, after the North Korean government closes the normal foreign-related registration channels, it is almost impossible for North Korean brides to marry foreign men.

Dating Websites VS Matrimonial Services

On the internet, there are two most common ways to get mail order girls. Dating websites and matrimonial services. They are similar as they provide you access to amazing women from the whole world, but the way you receive them is different. Therefore, it is better to consider them in advance and to compare them with personal preferences. Then you will be satisfied with the all way of receiving a wonderful wife.

Dating Websites

Dating websites have existed for many years, and their main task is to provide possibilities to communicate and develop relationships online. They provide matching platforms to internet users, and when they become service members, singles use various tools to find someone they like.

The success rate greatly depends on the personal efforts of developing relationships. Most dating websites have wonderful tools to exchange text and audio messages, send photos, and make video calls. For international relationships, they may have a translation tool. It translates text messages to the needed language.

Quite often, dating platforms are not free of charge. You need either to buy a subscription plan or credits. Therefore, how much is a mail order bride greatly depends on the price you have to pay for services.


  • Great variety of brides from different countries;
  • There are convenient mobile dating applications;
  • You can build up relationships on distance with several girls simultaneously.


  • Success depends totally on you;
  • It is difficult to arrange international offline dates;
  • There are fake users.

Marriage Agencies

Another way to buy mail order brides is to use matrimonial services. They are a bit similar to dating websites, as you create a personal page with all general information about you and have a possibility to review profiles of others.

The main difference is that you pay not for tools to find and communicate with pretty mail order brides but for professional services. Service representatives assist in finding not just a nice woman but also someone who matches your preferences. Alternatively, you may review the database and pick a girl you like.

International marriage agencies often help to arrange some offline dates with a mail-order bide you have chosen. It increases chances to develop nice relationships and to build up romantic feelings faster.


  • Professional assistance to find mail order wife;
  • Simpler to develop serious relationships even with foreign girls;
  • Most mail order brides are real people.


  • Prices are higher;
  • It is not suitable for casual relationships.

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What Influences Prices

The process of getting a woman from a specific country as a wife is not easy. It involves a large variety of steps, which concern finding services and girls, building up relationships, traveling expenses, etc. Those who want to know the Russian mail order wife price or costs of any other girls should consider the following points.


The beginning of Russian mail order brides’ costs or other wives starts with services, which you use to find a woman. They are of different qualities with orientation in various countries. Depending on the beauty, character traits, education, and ethnicity, the price differs.

Relationships & Gifts

After finding a mail order bride at dating websites or matrimonial services, you need to build up relationships and romantic feelings to achieve marriage. It requires time and funds to use international communication features as only when two people know each other and want to be with each other, they become a couple.

Gifts are another way to improve relationships. Some matching services provide a feature of real gift delivery. It allows you to send a present or a bouquet of flowers without visiting other countries.

Offline Dating

Quite often, people do not marry without having offline dates. If you live in the same country, it is not that difficult or expensive. However, if you are an American who prefers Asian girls, it is not that cheap to travel far distances.

Marriage & Relocation

If everything goes fine, you love each other and plan to marry, you will need to spend money on the wedding and preparing all the necessary documents for relocation. It also takes time to have all papers ready. After marriage, from time to time, you will need to apply for a prolonged marriage visa for your foreign mail order wife.

Additional Expenses

Buying a wife from other countries is not a cheap process. It involves various money and time-consuming steps. As it is difficult to predict everything, different situations may occur. Therefore, while planning to get a mail-order wife, it is better to have some extra to cover additional expenses if you need to.