Meeting Polish Girls – Dating & Relationships

It is well known that Polish women are quite attractive. The women are also very quick-witted, and sometimes their manner can also seem a bit harsh. While this can be seen as an advantage, it also has some pitfalls. Therefore, it is difficult to correctly assess her interest in you if she gives you her cell phone number but may never contact you again.

Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, as well as the medium-sized and smaller Polish cities, are full of attractive women who long for a relationship. Polish women are, on average, very feminine and create a very casual and relaxed atmosphere around them. They are compassionate, not too eccentric, and know how to enjoy their time.

Here you can find solutions to how to meet Polish women and their character peculiarities and preferences in dating.

The Appearance of Polish Women

Poland is a fairly homogeneous country, and women all look similar. So there are only a few different manifestations. There are lots of blondes and brunettes and even some redheads. Polish women usually have rounded, feminine body shapes and, therefore, certainly more curves than their colleagues in Ukraine, Romania, Russia, or even Slovakia. If you prefer very thin women with fewer curves, Poland may not be the place for you as women are on average quite voluptuous.

The Personality of Polish Women

Described in three words; pleasant, kind, and caring. Women in Poland are known for their friendly and open demeanor, as the country is one of the easiest when you want to meet Polish singles and not being faced with harsh rejections as often.

On the one hand, it is great that women are open and approachable. On the other hand, you may not always be sure that they are really sincere when they engage in contact with you. Therefore, it can very well happen that you get to know a girl, and she gives you her number, out of sheer politeness, because she does not want to say no. You should always give a try to meet a Polish girl.

cute Polish girl with blond curly hair

Holidays Are Important and Intended for Families

If you want to meet Polish brides, you should expect them to be very festive. Holidays are a huge event for girls from Poland. They visit their families for a few days or longer, eating and drinking until they drop. A Polish girl with a good upbringing will always want to be home and close to her family on vacation or during the holiday season. So do not expect her to feel like flying over to you at Christmas to visit you abroad. Celebrations and family is a top priority.

If you want to have a successful relationship with a girl from Poland, you need to attend festive and family events, be good with her family and show that you are interested in Polish customs and traditions. Fortunately, most Polish families are very hospitable. The tradition that Polish families always leave a seat open at the dining table at Christmas in case a guest unexpectedly shows up is a good indication of this.

Polish Women Are Open to Meeting Foreigners

Most girls in Poland speak very good English, and many also study Romance languages, such as Spanish or Italian. Polish girls are generally very open to meeting foreign men, even if Polish men have become much more attractive in recent years.

Some girls want a better life and a higher income in another country (many Poles already live abroad), others simply want a little more adventure and a new wind.

In a city big or small, you may always find a handful of girls who are curious to go out with foreigners. The girls are certainly also less skeptical and will not annoy you with insane psycho tests, as you can find more often in Ukraine or sometimes in Russia.

Men from different countries are welcome in Poland. In Poland, too, there are people who have a tendency towards excessive national pride. While this tendency exists, it currently only attracts a very small minority of followers. Polish girls tend to be more open-minded when it comes to meeting foreign men. Italian, Spanish, and American men seem to be in fashion right now.

Overall, Polish girls are more similar to Scandinavian girls than Russian girls in their attitude towards meeting someone outside their own ethnic origin. In addition to Polish men, there is quite a lot of interest in Asian men in Poland. Men from the Middle East and India are also well received. I met a man from India a few years ago.

Dating Websites To Meet Polish Brides

Polish women can be found all over the world, as they frequently move to work in other countries. Big cities like Krakow and Warsaw have large numbers of students and young professionals what helps you to meet Polish women. However, if you develop relationships with one of them without going somewhere, then you should try dating websites.

Such meeting and matching platforms become very helpful when you dream about international relationships and marriage. You simply join one of them start enjoying online dating. Here are some options for wonderful dating sites where you may meet Polish girls.


FindEuropeanBeauty main page

If you want to meet wives online, you should consider FindEuropeanBeauty. It is a nice dating service, which has plenty of registered women. A large part of them is from Poland. To join this dating website, you will not spend too much time. With general information like your birthdate, name, sex, email, and password, you become a newcomer.

After registration, you are free to start online dating with girls from Poland. You may meet them using the search tool. It has a multitude of filters, which allow you to find a girl according to personal preferences and tastes.

Among communication features, you are able to use a nice messenger. It has text messages, the possibility to attach pictures and photos, make audio and video calls. To succeed in relationships with girls from Poland, it is highly recommended to get to know them better and develop romantic feelings.


  • It helps to meet Polish women and girls from other European countries;
  • Simple and fast registration process;
  • Easy to use website design and navigation;


  • Communication features are not free of charge;
  • There is no convenient mobile application;
  • FAQ section does not have many answers and information.


DateEuropeanWoman main page

Another place to meet Polish women is DateEuropeanWomen. This dating service exists for many years, and it could collect a lot of singles from the whole of Europe and other countries. It welcomes everyone and ready to help to find love.

Here you will find high-quality profiles of registered women. On personal pages, you can learn about habits, hobbies, interests, occupation, education, preferences, and physical appearance data like height, weight, hair color, ethnicity, etc. Moreover, they have nice pictures and sometimes greeting videos.

In case you would need help with the service, and on how to meet Polish girls, you can also check the FAQ section. It has a great variety of solutions and information. Additionally, you can always get in touch with the support department.


  • You may find a great variety of wonderful women;
  • Nice communication features;
  • The search tool has a lot of filters.


  • To communicate with others, you need to get a subscription plan;
  • Sometimes you can meet empty profiles;
  • Website design could be simpler.


Kissrussianbeauty.Com main page

The last dating website in this review belongs to KissRussianBeauty. This veteran of the dating industry has been developing to offer you wonderful dating tools, which help you to meet Polish women and other singles. To join it you need only a couple of minutes. It asks only for general information about you.

After registration, a dating website encourages users to improve their personal pages. By making profiles attractive, you increase your chances of being noticed by other members. Moreover, if you have found someone, there will be higher chances to receive a positive reply.

In order to find Polish girls, KissRussianBeauty offers a search tool, which allows you to select destinations where to search and various filters. By using them, you may find Polish women in various places.


  • A large variety of features to interact with other members;
  • Intuitive navigation website design;
  • The mobile web version has all the same features.


  • To send messages to all members, you need to upgrade membership;
  • There are no many options to get in touch with the customer support department;
  • You may receive spam messages from other website users.

Final Thoughts

Cute, fun, and feminine is a great combination for a girl. Poland offers a wide range of diverse women who are open to relationships with foreigners. If you are looking for a well-developed country with a low cost of living and cute women in the middle of Europe, Poland is certainly one of the best options.

Polish women are feminine by nature but are becoming more and more westernized by trends. This also affects their nature. For many men, this is an advantage, as it is easier to get in touch with such women while at the same time finding a good mix of character traits that correspond to their own desires. In terms of Central European countries, Poland is undoubtedly at the top of the top three countries with an interesting pool of great women.

If you have an understanding of what defines a girl from Poland, how she thinks, lives and loves, and shows a genuine interest in her home country and culture, you will have a good chance of finding a girl in Poland with whom you will have a long-term relationship may be built up.